Frequently Asked Questions


Are we still functional?

Nope - we ran out of runway!! This site will remain freely hosted on Webflow as an example of our work and a nice trip down memory lane :)

How does it work?

Schedule a call, pick a plan according to your call volume, and we'll give you a custom business number. We'll also help create customized call flows and messages for you, then an experienced receptionist will take your calls!

Can you schedule appointments for me?

Yes, we will work with whatever calendar software you're currently using to schedule appointments for you.

What are your hours of operation?

Our office hours are 8 AM to 6PM CST, but our receptionists pick up the phone 24/7!!

Pricing and payments

How do I pay?

We’ll automatically bill your credit card at the end of each month for the minutes used.

How is minute usage calculated?

You are charged for time spent on the call and time spent on completing customer information after a call is ended.

Do you charge to transfer calls?

We do not charge to transfer calls and they will not count toward your usage.


How do I forward phone calls?

We'll walk you through the process - usually, it's as easy as dialing a code and entering in your Proffer number.

Will I get a local phone number?

Yes! We will give you a phone number that matches your area code!

Do you record calls?

We do have the option to record calls - however, we don't recommend it. To legally record calls in many U.S. states, you must notify the caller with a pre-recorded message telling them that "this call is being recorded", which may seem impersonal.

Other questions

What do implementation timelines look like?

It usually takes us less than 72 hours to get up and running, depending on how complicated your call intake process is.

How many receptionists are assigned to an account?

A maximum of 4-6 receptionists are assigned to your account and they are also segmented based on industry. This means a law firm will get a receptionist that works primarily legal accounts. We do this so your account gets the same experienced agents who are familiar with your business and industry.

Where are the receptionists based?

Our receptionists are based in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

How good is their English? Do they speak other languages?

All of our receptionists are screened to have great, understandable English. We also have Spanish speakers available if necessary.

Do you have someone who can help me with other tasks?

We have an extensive network of pre-vetted remote workers and virtual assistants that can assist you with anything from inbox management to cold calling, starting at just $10/hr.